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Books and Articles

Apart from her novels and two books in Dutch (“Klassieke homeopathie, niet te geloven?!” And “250 jaar na Hahnemann”) –informative books for a broader public who want a decent but understandable insight in homeopathy- The White Room published eight books of her in English. In 2006 “The Charm of Homeopathy” and “The Postgraduate Annual 2006”. The first describes how she developed her method (the Vital Approach) mainly based on the level-, kingdom- and miasm-theory from Rajan Sankaran, combined with classical knowledge and insights from phenomenology and linguistics.
In the second book, she gives the fundaments of her method in a nutshell and demonstrates it’s value in daily practise, as well in children as adult cases.
"The Charm of Homeopathy, second edition and revised" was published by BJain. A French version under the title "Une Autre Vision de l'Homéopathie" was issued by Marco Pietteur, Liège 2008. (a translation exists in Serbian and Czech.)
BJain published "Behind the Glass Screen, a Homeopathic Survey of Ozone" in 2009.
In Spring 2010 The White Room published "The Vital Approach" a condensed manual of her method. The integral text, with additional schemes, can be found on "The Encyclopedia Homeopathica" by RADAR. (in English and German). (also translated in Czech)
A Dutch book titled "Voorbij Lichaam en Geest", published by The White Room in 2011, contains 9 exemplary cases from the Master Class with extensive explanations concerning the analysis. Christel Lombaerts comments and aks the questions homeopaths had during the lectures. In 2012 The White Room edited 2 books: "Homeopathy, Strange, Rare and Peculiar": a dialoque with An van de Moortel where they explore the latest developments in Anne's insights and the boundaries of Homeopathy. The other book "Homeopathy is Everywhere" is a beautifully illustrated present book with short texts about homeopathy, viewed by the profession, the practitioner and the patient. "Beyond Mind and Body", a translation of "Voorbij Lichaam en Geest" was brought out by the White Room in 2014, as well as "Der Vitale Anzatz", the German translation of "The Vital Approach".


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Dale Emmerson (Archibel - BJain) interviewing Anne Vervarcke about her new books at the ECCH Symposium April 2009 at Leuven

Beyond Mind and Body

Beyond Mind and Body is the translation of the Dutch book “Voorbij Lichaam en Geest”, published in 2010. It contains a selection of live cases Anne took during her Master Classes in Leuven in the presence of students and homeopaths. Because of the request for more explanation than was given originally in ”The Postgraduate Annual”, in this edition the reports of the cases are completed with the questions and answers from the in-between analyses. Christel Lombaerts takes in this the role of the questioners.
Through the verbatim text of the anamneses clarifying comments are added. In this way the method and the sophistication of the ‘Vital Approach’ are best exemplified.

ISBN: 978-90-810-0178-6

price: 25 € plus shipping


Der Vitale Ansatz
der vitale Ansatz

Der Vitale Ansatz ist eine verdichtete Einführung in Fallaufnahme und Analysetechniken, basierend auf Annes tiefem Verständnis und umfassender Erfahrung. Diese Einführung ist klar, methodisch und ausgefeilt und ermöglicht, die Schönheit des zusammenhängenden Musters in jedem Fall zu sehen.

review The Vital Approach Similia December issue 2011

ISBN: 978-90-810-0170-0

price: 20 € plus shipping


Homeopathy is Everywhere

In this book Anne highlights many aspects of homeopathy, from the perspective of homeopathy itself, the homeopath and the client. If you are familiar with homeopathy this bright little jewel will bring a smile to your face; if not you will hopefully close the book with just one wish: where to get homeopathy?!

Homeopathy is everywhere
ISBN 9789081001762

price: 14.95 € plus shipping


Introduction to the Vital Approach (DVD)
10 Hour Training with Audio CD and Video, DVD, MP3 Audio/MP4 video/PDF formats
Levels of experience

The Vital Approach is a practical and pragmatic system for understanding and applying today's popular "Sensation" method of homeopathy. The Vital Approach combines Sankaran's level-, kingdom- and miasm-theory with classical knowledge and insights from phenomenology and linguistics. Anne elaborated her approach after many years of studying with Dr. Sankaran, and utilizing the method in her practice.
This course teaches the basic principles of Anne Vervarcke's Vital Approach, along with how and when to effectively apply those principles in homeopathic case taking and analysis. Short lectures alongside case examples illustrate the principles and their practical application in a range of case studies. Miasm, sensation, level of classical homeopathic principles and the wisdom of the Organon itself. Discover how to perceive the significant, individualizing information in a case, while putting new and exciting dimensions to work in your study and practice.

Who will benefit?
Most homeopaths are, at the very least, curious about the newer approaches that abound in homeopathy. The Vital Approach allows us to explore these principles in the light of classical homeopathic knowledge, and to discover the ways that they can inform both study and practice.
Seasoned practitioners will find help with difficult cases – those that are 'stuck' or have few characterizing symptoms. Students of homeopathy – and we are all students! – will find their understanding and grasp of the classical fundamentals enriched, as the connections between Hahnemann's great work, ancient and modern science, philosophy and cosmology are revealed.

price: 175 $ / 135 € plus shipping

Homeopathy: SRP
Homeopathy: srp

“Exploring the boundaries of a fascinating healing system”

An van de Moortel asks profound questions, Anne vervarcke gives extensive answers.

AnvdM: The important thing is that your message is positive. With homeopathy as it is today ‘we ain’t seen nothing yet’. Can you give a glimpse of this quantum leap?

AV: We will develop more effective ways to get to the similimum in virtually every case and this from the first time. The success rate will go up dramatically in all good homeopathic hands and it will be no longer possible to deny or suppress.

read an excerpt from this book

AnvdM: This sounds like heaven for a homeopath.

price: 20 € plus shipping

ISBN/EAN: 978-90-81001-75-5



The Vital Approach

The Vital Approach is a condensed introduction in the case taking and analysis techniques based on Anne’s thorough understanding and experience. It is clear, methodically and sophisticated and enables to see the beauty of the coherent pattern in every case.

This is what Christel Lombaerts, head of the CKH, says about "The Vital Approach": Ten years ago, when I attended my first homeopathy class ever, I was immediately captivated by the intriguing way in which Anne presented homeopathic philosophy. Her teaching was a living illustration of the adage that the mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. She wanted us to be curious and inquisitive. She encouraged us to speak up, to argue, to question her and each other. Most of all she prompted us to make up our own minds, to deconstruct our beliefs about health and disease and to come to terms with the homeopathic paradigm – in due course. 
Anne’s own unusual, investigating mind continues to question whatever is presented to her in- and outside homeopathy. She was at the front row when new developments in homeopathy promised to make the homeopathic curriculum simpler, the materia medica manageable, the homeopaths’ life easier. However, she did not assimilate unquestioningly the new insights nor did she pass them on without having them confirmed in practice. Always with her students and teachings in mind, she critically assessed provings, case-taking methods as well as theories. The Vital Approach is the result of more than twenty years of skilfully applying knowledge of materia medica, theory and philosophy, without ever losing sight of homeopathy’s protagonist: the patient.
Both in her teaching and practice Anne lives up to her own high standards of ethics, with compassion and care. In the last years Anne has become more to me than a teacher. She has become an invaluable colleague, a friend, a beacon in the turbulent waters of homeopathy today. I am challenging everyone with a passion for homeopathy, regardless of his or her background, to have Anne’s Vital Approach shed a new light on this fascinating art of healing.

read an excerpt from this book

review The Vital Approach Similia December issue 2011

ISBN: 978-90-810-0170-0

price: 20 € plus shipping


The Charm of Homeopathy

S O L D - O U T
but available in a reviewed edition by BJain.


This is the first book in English, addressed to professional homeopaths, where Anne Vervarcke explains her view on the vital disturbance. As disease is nothing but a concept-like disturbance of the vital level, the challenge is to understand and perceive the coherent, symbolic pattern, displayed by the patient. When we manage to recognize this pattern we are looking in the eye of the disturbance and at the same time, we have the answer for a cure. When this happens, the Charm of Homeopathy is at its best.

Read some excerpts from this book

The Charm of Homeopathy (BJain edition)
 the Charm

A discussion on basic principles of homeopathy: their real meaning and application in true sense.

Understanding cause and effect of various aspects of disease and health.

Understanding human form of five levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and vital with guidelines on how to use this in practice.
A discussion on imponderabilia, animal remedies, rare remedies and miasm.
Practical aspects of case taking and clinical practice and the difficulties which a practitioner faces with solutions and way out to solve them.
Detailed case histories given along with analysis and follow ups for learning.


ISBN: 978-2-87491-002-9
Price: 25.00€

Une autre vision de l'homéopathie - Une nouvelle lecture du XXIe siècle
"The Charm of Homeopathy" translated in French/ traduit en Français
Une autre vision

Anne Vervarcke
Nadine Buysse (Traducteur)
Paru le: 01/08/2008 Editeur : Marco Pietteur Collection : Résurgence ISBN : 978-2-87434-042-0 EAN : 9782874340420 Nb. de pages : 192 pages Poids : 275 g Dimensions : 15,5cm x 23,5cm x 1,4cm
25 €

Ceci est la première traduction en français d'un ouvrage d'Anne Vervarcke ; il est principalement destiné aux homéopathes professionnels désireux de compléter leur vision de l'homéopathie et d'évoluer plus avant avec succès dans la pratique de leur médecine.
L'auteure y développe sa conception majeure, celle du désordre vital. Comme la maladie n'est rien d'autre qu'un désordre fondamental de ce plan vital, la difficulté consiste à comprendre et à percevoir le schéma cohérent présenté par le patient et de le traduire de manière symbolique. Lorsque nous arrivons à décrypter ce schéma, nous percevons alors la logique de ce désordre vital et trouvons dans le même temps la réponse recherchée, le traitement adéquat.
Lorsque cette compréhension envahit le thérapeute, le Charme de l'Homéopathie (titre anglais du livre de l'auteure) est alors un indicible ressenti de satisfaction qui nous fait découvrir le côté "enjôleur" de l'homéopathie qui, approchée avec finesse et intelligence, nous dévoile alors comme une jeune fille en fleur, ses promesses de réussites thérapeutiques les plus inespérées.

L'auteur en quelques mots...
Anne Vervarcke est née le 15 octobre 1952 à Ostende en Belgique.
Elle enseigne depuis 1990 dans le Centre d'Homéopathie Classique (CKH) à Louvain dont elle est la fondatrice. Le CKH organise un cours d'homéopathie classique d'une durée de cinq ans, plusieurs séminaires annuels ainsi qu'un cours pour Post-Gradués auquel l'auteure consacre personnellement deux jours par mois. Formée à Bloemendael et à Amersfoort (Pays-Bas), Anne Vervarcke reçoit en son cabinet de consultation depuis 1989.
Sa présence à de nombreux séminaires, ses recherches aux conclusions fort appréciées, sa longue pratique et son enseignement lui ont permis de pleinement maîtriser aujourd'hui l'art de l'homéopathie.


Postgraduate Annual 2006
Annual 2006

Post Graduate Annual 2006

The first Post Graduate Annual compiles all the life and video cases treated since the start in February 2005. Besides a condense introduction of the method that is followed, the main part of the book consists the detailed report of the cases and the analysis that led to the prescribed remedies. Although a crucial part of the homeopathic treatment is the long term management, the cases speak for themselves. As homeopaths we know the patient speaks the ‘true language of nature’, as Hahnemann puts it in his Organon; our mission is to be the silent witness and to understand. Then we can give the simillimum and restore the sick to health.

ISBN: 90 810 0173 6
25 €

Read some excerpts from this book


Behind the Glass Screen - A Homeopathic Survey of Ozone

Behind the Glass Screen

(...) "In a proving we hear the voice of nature through the words or the expressions of a prover. And due to the law of similars the remedy has to match the patient’s expression, complaints and disease (“...the only conceivable Gestalt of the disease” § 6 Organon). In addition to what we understood through the homeopathic provings, Anne Vervarcke has added in the book the new understanding of Ozone through the connection to the chemical elements, to the place in the periodical table (03) and the clinical and physical properties of the element Ozone, the “good” and “bad” Ozone and its action/reaction. And due to that she has brought out a larger frame of the theme of the “Ozone pattern”.

The perfect reported cases together with the gestures and postures of the patient explain how to understand the deepest part of the patient’s vital disturbance. In the analysis of each case it becomes very clear that we can learn that at a certain time of the interview the source “speaks” itself and this is of great importance. All those details complete the Gestalt of Ozone.

This book will mark the beginning of a significant step forward in understanding a new remedy and will help many practitioners to prescribe Ozone as a similimum for the sake of the patients.

Anne Schadde, Germany"

B. Jain Archibel s.p.r.l.
ISBN 978-2-87491-005-0

20 €

read an excerpt from this book



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