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Archives - 2014
Seminar Novi-Sad - Serbia
Seminar1 seminar2
Nad and Anne seminar4

After a two year interval due to the Walk for Homeopathy, Anne was happy to give a seminar in Novi Sad again. This time she went more deeply into the importance of taking the context into consideration when analyzing a case. With video examples she demonstrated how a compensated case can be confusing or how we can go wrong by going for the words and not the context or level in which they were spoken.

Voordracht VELT

Voor een publiek van de VELT gaf Anne een lezing over “Homeopathie voor Planten”: snel, effectief, goedkoop en makkelijk. Wat wil de boer of tuinder nog meer?!

The Teachers' Meeting _Eisenstadt 2014

The Teachers’ Meeting was this year hosted by Franz Swoboda, with assistance of Robert Müntz. Again most interesting lectures and ideas were shared, complemented this time with a visit to the Haydn museum, a botanical excursion and a visit to Remedia. A lovely meal cooked by Robert and presented wonderfully concluded our most agreeable stay.



San Francisco May- June 2014
Under a sunny sky Anne gave some explanation on Plant groups and families in the botanical garden of San Francisco, followed by a pick nick.
The seminar was held in the marvelous Casa de Mujeres and could be followed online as well. In the theoretical part Anne could go in to more details as the majority of participants were experienced homeopaths. A live case demonstrated convincingly the importance of fine tuning our presciptions.

Le Petit Festival - 6/2014

Le Petit Festival Dubrovnik June 2014
The 10th anniversary of Le Petit Festival in Dubrovnik had the motto: The Beauty of Healing’. Anne considered it an honor to be invited as one of the speakers, together with Awi Wiesel, pediatrician and epidemiologist and Jeff Cohen.
Anne’s presentation was on “the Art and Science of Homeopathy”, a topic dear to her heart as she was originally trained in arts and is besides an author of many books on homeopathy a writer or novels as well.

Seminar Koningsteen 9/2014

Michal Yakir and Anne Vervarcke gave a joint seminar, each talking half of the time for their contribution. Michal covered the monocots of the second column and the plant families of the third from het Table of Plants. Anne talked about the importance of the observation/impression in other words the context of the consultation, which is the more feminine aspect, complementing the ‘facts’.
She also elaborated on the impending quantum leap in homeopathy, which will be taken when the homeopaths manage to balance their masculine and feminine parts. On the third day she spoke about the New Paradigm and the More Beautiful World our Hearts know is Possible.
The seminar aimed at being a demonstration of cooperation and combining the knowledge from Michal with the intuition of Anne