Quantum Physics & Homeopathy

Sat. June 24th & Sun. June 25th, 10 am to 5 pm

Inner Health, Inc.
175 Harvey St., #13, Cambridge, MA

  1. Homeopathy is beyond the confines of time and matter
  2. Consciousness changes the quantum waves of possibility
  3. The effects of downward causation
  4. Recognizing patterns and symbols for prescribing
  5. Synchronicity
  6. Video cases, including imponderables

Presented by

Anne Vervache
former Director of
Centre for Classical Homeopathy in Belgium

“I will take you on a fascinating journey to the deepest level of the human experience where disease and hence cure is situated.”


Melissa Burch, CCH

“We’ll explore the Vital Sensation and how it is our own individual expression of our state and its connection to the universe.”

$250 fee, $200 if paid by May 15th

Please call 617-491-3374, email george@innerhealth.us or visit www.innerhealth.us for more information.
Send your check by May 15th for $200 to Inner Health at 175 Harvey St. #13, Cambridge, MA 02140

Anne Vervache is an international teacher with an inquisitive mind, who is firmly based in the homeopathic fundamentals. These results in an integration of the newest developments and a most sophisticated way of practising homeopathy. She was one of the early sponsors of the Bombay Group and Dr. Sankaran’s teachings in Europe. She was the director of the Center for Classical Homeopathy in Belgium for over 15 years and has been practicing homeopathy for over 17 years. She has published several books, most recently she wrote, “The Charm of Homeopathy.”

Melissa Burch, CCH graduated from the School of Homeopathy New York (directed by Jo Daly) and the New York School of Homeopathy (directed by Robert Stewart). Ms. Burch worked with Dr. Nandita Shah at Quiet Healing Center in South India for over a year and a half. She attended an eight week full time course in Bombay directed by the Bombay Group. She wrote and published "Dr. Rajan Sankaran's Correspondence Course, Unit 1 Casetaking and Unit 2 Levels" and edited the recent edition of "Insight into Plants, Vol. 1 and 2." She recently completed a new proving of the Stoichactis Kenti Sea Anemone.