Feel no fear
Follow up 14-12-2007:
P: I had an interesting reaction on the remedy: the fungus on my feet kind of exploded (HG) and eventually went away.
In principal I came for the hip… it got really bad… when I was in Paris at my sisters one month ago I couldn't walk and had to rent a bicycle. But it is weird because I take climbing classes and that is OK; In Paris walking was the worst while climbing up the Eiffel tower was OK
H: How was your hip before you went to Paris?
P: Before there was a pain but I could tolerate but in Paris I couldn’t walk… it started when we were walking in the woods…. M wife is good to lean on to… I made my own walking stick.
H: What exactly do you feel?
P: Like it is not connecting (HG) here behind (shows hip joint)? As engraining… (HG). It is binary: it hurts and it really stops when I stop walking… it doesn’t linger. I can’t predict whether it is going to hurt. Two days after Paris I had to fetch the children and I had to walk almost 2 km and it didn’t hurt while normally I feel it pretty soon. 
I always had those back pains… they kind of went away… It’s been better… but I don’t carry a heavy bag pack anymore and I’m exercising since October… I feel good about it.
H: Is the hip not hindering?
P: I can’t do this particular movement (lifting and turning the leg outwards). I go with a friend and I’m good at it… I’m even going twice a week now.
H: You seem to really like it, hey?
P: Yes…. I guess it is upper body movement also…. It is not based on force… my friend is very strong but I’m better. It is more about knowing the right path, the technique… it requires intelligence. It is not only about going up but about reading the path and when you do it right you manage to do it without effort.
H: What is the fun about it?
P: We joke about it… you know there is a pool (?) in the middle, when you are up there it is like you are at the top of a mountain (HG)… it is like reaching the top. The satisfaction is doing it… without too much effort. You actually make an effort and reach the top. The complete sport is about using the legs more…. Now it is also with your hands. This indoor sport is interesting: it requires fine movements, delicate… it is binary: you make it or you don’t make it. When you look at it, it‘s like effortless but it is not: a little nudge can make the difference between going up or not… later you need to be smart and strong.
H: Is your purpose to go outdoors?
P: My plan, yes… the challenge is to reach places others can’t go. There are pathways you need to be trained for. My wife said: it is just to have the idea that you can go on expedition… the kids are climbing too, but my wife is not… other wise we could go…
H: Where would you go?
P: I like places where it is warm and cold, like high in the mountains… bare rocks (HG)… not exactly desert… but like the South of France in the Provence: those rocks… California has it too… I love to go camping there. We always walked a lot… it is annoying I can’t now…
H: What kind of pain do you have?
P: It is not like when you hit yourself: that is more a continuous pain (HG)… when you are hit or you have a swelling, you have to wait for it to pass, there is not much you can do. This pain is not really annoying me, it is like somebody twists your arm, you scream: aaahhhh!!! (pulls back) and then it is OK, not an annoying kind of pain…. Not that I get crazy or depressed… it is not a muscle pain it is deeper.
H: Last time you were here you had a throat infection…?
P: Oh yeah, I had it last week but it went away by itself. That has changed too. My feet get very cold and then it goes up to my throat. Last week I’ve been working one night until 3-4 AM and then my feet got cold and my throat ached. This week I got a cold and I went to bed with a scarf but I didn’t get the infection like I used to… I had a cold sweat in my bed and it went by itself.
H: So you feel the pain in the throat…?
P: No pain.. my neck feels cold and my nose gets watery. An says when I get sick she smells alcohol, as if my body ‘ferments’. I always drink wine but when I’m sick, I can’t… it makes me sick… very weird.
G: What about your dream?
P: I had one very vivid dream: we had a baby girl and we were much more knowledgeable about it, much more in control. My wife is very much affected with a baby, it takes complete control of her, that’s why we decided not to have another baby… it is so much effort…but in the dream we were much more at ease.
H: If you compare to your first visit: what is your conclusion?
P: Since the middle of October I work at home now… it is in a way very convenient, I have fewer restrictions and that is good but on the other hand sometimes it is hard to concentrate with the kids. When you start a new job you have to concentrate to prove: ‘look, I’m as good as you thought when you hired me.’
H: Why did you change?
P: The job I did was no longer a challenge. What I thought we needed is to work much ahead (HG big leap) instead of taking small steps. When I left my job, he can work for 2-3 years on but he doesn’t need me for that. Now it’s more of an effort, more people are involved, we plan two years ahead, and there are more challenges… I have a lot of decision power. In principal it is my vision, my view… I think I have more impact (patient explains his job: TV on Internet, 1000s of programs communicating with each other in e few years)
H: Anything else?
P: Like I’m surer of myself… not so much wanting to run, more like pacing myself. By doing the right rhythm you will get there. I used to rush from here to there, now I kind of pace myself. Last time we talked about mountain climbing in high altitudes… my friend started running and after ten steps he fell flat and I was walking, steady (HG) and made it. There is no need to rush. Before people could affect me more, now I can focus on essentials better, I have a longer horizon.

The initial response was an enormous flare up of the athlete’s foot and then amelioration: a very promising reaction.
The hip however was causing him much discomfort: sometimes it hurt, sometimes it didn’t and it’s binary: off or on. It’s unpredictable and it doesn’t affect his climbing. At the contrary: he started with classes only a few weeks ago, goes twice a week and –not to our surprise- he is very good at it!
How remarkable that this patient always takes us ‘up’: or he talks about climbing the Eifel Tower, climbing indoors and be as if on top of the mountain, pacing his steps while mountain climbing with his friend.
He wants to go on expedition, in warm and cold climates, bare rock landscapes, deserts… In the new book of Todd Rowe: “The Desert World”, Tribulus is one of the remedies, which could explain his preference for this kind of environments.

Interestingly the patient talks of his job in the same language: challenge, effort, smart, strong, vision, make it. For climbing it is not so much the force that counts but the skill, the technique, the intelligence, knowing the right path and the right pace, otherwise you’ll fall flat and won’t make it. In the job it is just the same; the challenge is to look ahead, seeing the right path, having the vision and the skill. We understand it is binary: you make it or you don’t…

A curative action can be traced in: his dream (much more at ease with a desired baby), his physical level (infection didn’t set it, cold resolved quickly), his thoughts (more self confidence, not annoyed about the pain), his emotions (less affected by other people) and his vital sensation (no rush, pacing himself, longer horizon). The only logical action now is to wait and see if the amelioration continues.